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  • Jack Dolgen - Daytime (Official Video)

    From the album WANDERING TIMES by Jack Dolgen. Director: Chris Smith AD: Rebecca Delgado Smith Starring: Jack Dolgen and Chanel Raisin Director of Photography: Rob Watt Editor: Greg Burke

  • Billy and Adam - Jack Dolgen: Album and the Chipmunks

    Billy and Adam do a poor job promoting Jack's new album, Wandering Times. Pre-order "Wandering Times" on iTunes: Written and Directed by: Billy Scafuri and Adam Lustick Cameras: Rob Watt and Pat O'Brien Sound: Gabriela Banda Editor: Billy Scafuri For more: and

  • Jack Dolgen - Baby I'm Afraid Tonight (acoustic)

    Pre-order from iTunes: "Baby I'm Afraid Tonight (acoustic)" by Jack Dolgen. New album WANDERING TIMES out August 7, 2012! Directed by Dan Gregor. Cinematography by E. Gustavo Petersen. Set design by Chanel Raisin. Edited by Greg Burke.

  • Jack Dolgen - Feeling Sound (live acoustic) "Feeling Sound (live acoustic)" by Jack Dolgen. New album WANDERING TIMES available August 7, 2012! Directed and shot by Dan Gregor. Sound recorded by Carrie Sheldon. Edited by Dan Gregor and Greg Burke.